top decent arrival

                                                                Ladies and gentlemen, we are now making our final approach to Narita,
                                                                New Tokyo International Airport.
                                                                At this time, would you please ensure that your seatback is upright, your seatbelt firmly fastened and
                                                                your tray table folded away.
                                                                Please switch off all electronic devices
                                                                such as cassette and CD walkman, video camera, game boy and computer.
                                                                If you are transferring to another international
                                                                flight today, please contact one of our ground staff.
                                                                If you are transferring to a domestic flight
                                                                you must clear immigration and customs in Narita
                                                                and proceed to the domestic check in counter.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 NEXT 06