Safety Demonstration

                                                             Ladies and gentlemen, we will be demonstrating our safety procedures and use of oxygen masks
                                                             and lifevests.
                                                             Your safety instructions are in your seat pockets in front of you.
                                                             Please take a close look.
                                                             Oxygen masks drop automatically when necessary.
                                                             Pull one mask down towards you.
                                                             Place the mask over your nose and mouth.
                                                             Breathe naturally.
                                                             Adjust the headband.
                                                             If you are traveling someone who needs your assistance, fit your mask first.
                                                             Your lifevests are under your seats.
                                                             Put it over your head.
                                                             Clip the waiste band and pull it tight.
                                                             When you are ready to leave the aircraft,
                                                              inflate your lifevests by pulling both red tags.
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