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10). 那你應該有聽過空服員的很多事情吧...可以說說嗎??

11).你爸媽贊成你當空服員嗎? 你對長榮的感覺?




15).你有出過國嘛? 對長榮的印象?

16). 對簽約五年的看法? 

Can you work under pressure?

What is your greatest strength?

What is your greatest weakness?

What have you done to correct your weaknesses?

Have you ever failed?

What is your biggest failure?

How do you handle failure?

How do you handle change?

When you are in charge, how do you motivate people?

Describe a time when you resolved a conflict?

How do you handle conflict?

Previous Employment

What is the hardest thing you ever did in your current job?

Why have you held so many jobs?

Do you consider yourself a loyal employee?

What did you like about your last job?

What did you dislike about your last job?

What was your favorite job?

What was your least favorite job?

What have you learned from previous jobs?

How long will you stay with our airline?

What would your coworkers say about you?

What would your previous supervisors say about you?

What were the people like at your last company?

What did you dislike about your last employer?

If you could change one thing about your last employer, what would it be?

Were you satisfied with your performance at your last job?

Was your previous employer satisfied with your performance?

Have you ever been fired?

If so, why were you fired?

Have you ever been asked to resign from another job?

What will your references say?

Can we check your references?

How many sick days did you take last year?

Is this typical?

Personality and Motivation

Do you consider yourself a success?

Were you ever under a great deal of pressure?

What kinds of decisions are most difficult for you?

Why has it taken you so long to find a job?

Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

What part of being a flight attendant interests you most?

What kind of contributions will you make to our airline?

Where else are you interviewing?

Have you applied to other airlines?

When are you available to start?

What are your outstanding qualities?

What interests you most about being a flight attendant?

What can you do for us that others can't?

Describe a difficult problem you've dealt with.

How important is appearance?

What do you think will be the biggest challenge of being a flight attendant?

What is the best part of being a flight attendant?

Do you have any natural talent or skill, something that comes easy to you?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

How would you handle an abrasive Captain or coworker?

Have you ever been described as stubborn or hardheaded? By whom?

Do you ever freeze in social situations?

Have you ever worked with someone who talked too much? How did you handle it?

Are you skilled at sizing people up?

Have you ever been part of a problem?

Have you ever had to support the directives of higher management, even when you disagreed with it?

Have you ever lied?

Have you ever broken a law?

Have you ever stolen something?

Have you ever found a work policy or rule to be distasteful? How did you handle it?

Have you ever been tempted to break a work rule or policy? What did you do?

Why do you want to work for our airline?

What kind of experience do you have?

Are you willing to be based wherever the company sends you?

What would you like to be doing ten years from now?

Why should we hire you?

What are your qualifications?

What is your biggest accomplishment?

What are your career goals?

How does a flight attendant job fit into your career goals?

What personal characteristic best describes you.

Do you prefer to work alone or with others?

Do you consider yourself a team player?

Describe your team style.

Are you self motivated?

What motivates you?

Describe your relationship with peers.

What kind of people do you prefer to work with?

Describe your personality?

How do you handle criticism?

Were you ever unfairly criticized?


Do you read, write and/or speak a foreign language?

Are you willing to learn a foreign language?

Are you a leader or a follower?

What have you learned from your previous jobs?

What kind of employee are you?

What was your favorite subject in school?

What was your least favorite subject in school?

Tell us about your leadership skills.

What was your major success as a leader?

What was your major failure as a leader?

What do you think are the most important components of a practical leadership philosophy?

Whose leadership qualities have you most respected?

Have you incorporated his/her leadership qualities?

Have you ever had an unexpected leadership role? How did it work out?

What are your assets?

Whom do you most admire?

Other Questions

What bases does our airline have? What type of aircraft?

Who is the president of our company?

How long has our airline been in existence?

How do you feel about the airline industry?

How do you feel about being away from home frequently?

How do you feel about relocating?

How do you feel about unions?

What do you feel is the role of unions?

Why do you want to leave your previous employer?

Will we find anything on our background search that you'd like to discuss now?

Is there anything you would like to discuss?

Do you have any questions? <====這一題最難答...

1. Please introduce yourself briefly

2. Please introduce your family members briefly
My father has been working in an insurance company for over 15 years. My mother is a housewife. I also have a younger brother who is preparing for the university exam this year. I’m very proud to have a warm family.

3. Do your parents agree with your decision to become a flight attendant
Yes, they do. They think I am an energetic person. And my personality is right to be a flight attendant

4. Can you accept a job that requires weekend shifts
Sure, Weekend shifts are acceptable to me.

5. Please tell me about your school life
Because I am taking translation course this semester, I usually have a lot of translation to do after class. But if I had free time, I would go swimming and do aerobics with my friends.

6. Tell me about your interests and specialties
I like to surf on the Internet play piano. Playing piano makes me feel relaxed. And my specialties are word processing and room decoration.

7. Please describe your daily life
I go to school during the daytime. And after school I usually do aerobics at home or go out with my friends if I have finished all the school works.

8. What are your future plans
I hope to have a steady job that I enjoy doing, especially to become a flight attendant. And to have a happy marriage in the future.

9. Do you think that family and career can be both successful? Which one do you think is most important
Yes, they can be both successful. Both of them are important and benefits from each other. I believe I can make a balance between work and family.

10. Do you think that this job is suitable for married people
Yes, a flight attendant actually has more day offs comparing to other professions. So he or she can spend more time with family.


11. Are you easy to get along with
Yes, I am. I always become friends with others easily.

12. Have you ever lived abroad? How do you feel about that experience?
Yes, I have. I have stayed in England for almost two years. I think it is a beautiful country with splendid beaches. People there are very polite.

13. Which country do you like most
Except for my home country, I like US the best. I think people there are so friendly and full of passion.

14. What are your favorite and least favorite subjects? And why
And I like mathematics the least, coz I am not very good at dealing with numbers.
English is the course I like most, coz it is very useful. With English ability, I can travel to a lot of country without communication problem and link on the forien website to see what’s happening around the world.

15.Do u read newspapers on a daily basis? What is the headline in today's paper?
I do not read newspapers, but I do watch news on the television almost everyday.
But to be honest, I was working hard on today’s interview, so I did not watch any news yesterday.

16. Are you a self-confident person
Yes, I am. My self-confidence helps me do better in everything.

17. If we do not hire you, what type of job are you going to look for
I would still look for a job as a flight attendant.

18. What part of your body do you feel is most attractive to others? Why
I think my smiling face is the most attractive part of me. I believe smile can shorten the distance between people.

19. Please introduce yourself in three phrases
A polite person. Good at communicating. Willing to help others.

20. Could you tell me what is your most unforgettable experience
The most unforgettable experience of mine is when I was fifteen I went to England to study by my self. At first I could not get use to everything and the English accent. Because there was no mandarin speaker at the school, I felt lonely. but then I tried to adjust my attitude, I found most people are friendly even though they have different hair color from mine.

21. Can you tell us about your personality? What is your style
A polite person. Good at communicating. Willing to help others.

22. What is your major weakness
I am not good at dealing with money.

23. What is your strength? What is your specialty
My strength is that I have a caring heart to people. my specialty is word processing.

24. What type of boss is easiest to get along with? And why
I think if I do what I supposed to do and have a good working attitude, I can get along with any kind of boss.

25. What do you think a good flight attendant should be
I think a good fa should have a caring heart, patience to make the customers feel comfortable and should also have professional knowledge to protect the passengers’ safety.

26. What first attracted you to being a flight attendant
I find self-confidence by helping others, and I like traveling.

27. Why should we hire you
From my past working experiences as English teacher and receptionist. I learned to be patient and cooperative. My personality is right to be a flight attendant. And I am willing to serve people with a caring heart and my smiling face.

28. Could you handle this job well
Yes, I can. I know this might not be an easy job, but I will do my best to complete the task, and enjoy my work.

29. What would you do to comfort passengers if the airplane could not takeoff due to a storm
If the airplane could not takeoff on time, I would inform the passengers politely and offer them some drinks or snacks. Asking for their understanding.

30. How much do you know about our company
China Airline is the Taiwan leading airway, who always try to improve itself to make customers feel comfortable.

31. What would you do if a passenger asked for something that is not available on the plane
I would apologize first, and then look for something alternate.

32. What would you do if a passenger could not understand you
I would use body languages and facial expressions or anything helps. If he still not understands I would ask for help to see if anyone speak his language.

33. What would you do if a passenger got upset
I would find out the reason. If it’s our fault. I would apologize to the passenger.

34. How would you handle a crying baby
A crying baby may be disturbing to other passengers; I would find the cause of his crying. To see if he needs to change his diaper or he’s just hungry. And I would give him a little toy to comfort him.

35. How would you handle a passenger’s complaint regarding our service attitude
I would apologize first. And find out the cause. To see if there’s anything we could do to make him feels better.

36. How do you deal with different kinds of passengers
I think politeness and a caring heart can help me to deal with any kinds of passengers.

37. What’s the major difference between an average office worker and a flight attendant
A flight attendant would have more free time to do what she likes to do. And this job is more challenging than an office work.

38. Some say that a flight attendant’s job is just like being a waiter or waitress. What’s your opinion
I do not agree with the statement. I think a flight attendant needs not only serving spirits but also professional knowledge to ensure the passengers’ safety.

39. Can you adjust to an inconsistent daily working schedule
Yes. I’m always flexible.

40. Please define “good service”
I think a good service is to care the customers from the heart. And doing our best to satisfy their needs.

41. Do you plan to further your studies
I don’t have any plan to further studies so far.

42. What would you do if a passenger passed out
I would find out the cause and give him proper care.

43. How would you handle a hijack situation
If there is a hijack, I would inform the captain and the chief purser at the first place, then I would try my best to calm down the passengers to avoid injuries.

44. How would you handle insults from your passengers
I would smile and be polite.

45. What would you do if a passenger says that he wants to make friends with you if a passenger complains,
I would tell him that all passengers are our friends, and wish we will see him again on our flight in the future.

46. Should our staff apologize first before trying to resolve the situation
Yes. We should apologize first instead of arguing with the passengers.

47. What’s the difference between active service and passive service attitude
Passive service is considered to be not enthusiastic. And active service makes the customers feel warm and cared.

48. How would you handle a service call if you were busily occupied with something else
If I were doing something urgent, I would apologize to the passenger first and tell him or her I would come back in seconds.

49. How would you handle a medical emergency
I would first inform the chief purser and then give proper solutions.

50. If someone ordered a vegetarian meal but somehow the meal didn’t get on board, what would you do
I would apologize for the inconvenience, and give him alternatives such as vegetarian instant noodles or some snacks and bread.

51. What would you do if you found out that things didn’t meet your expectations after entering this company
I have an overall understanding of the company, so I think it would not be too different from what I knew. If it really happens, I would try to adjust my attitude.

52. What would you do if someone insulted your country
I would smile instead of arguing with him or her. And tell him that he might have some misunderstanding to our country. He would know more about our country by visiting here.

53. What would you do if you accidentally poured juice over a passenger
I would apologize to him. And wipe out the stain for him.

54. What are your thoughts about flight accidents
I think traffic accident is unavoidable. And the flight accident is actually less than car accident.

55. How would you handle a drunk passenger
I would offer him a warm towel and inform my co-workers and the chief purser. Choose a seat where I can see the passenger.

56. How would you handle someone smoking on a flight
I would tell him that it’s not allow to smoke on the flight for the passengers’ safety. And we could offer him some 尼古丁貼片

57. How would you handle an over-sized piece of carry-on luggage
I would find a room for it or separate them if possible in order to fit in the closet.

58. Are you aware that this job is very demanding? Have you considered this
Yes, I got to know this from the website. And I am confident that I could do it well.

59. Would you be willing to relocate overseas
Yes, I would be very happy to do so.
60. What kind of passengers do you dislike most
I think all passengers are equal. I would do my best to make them feel like home.

61. How do you handle a double booking after the passengers have boarded
I would first arrange a spare seat for him, and then inform the ground staff.

62. 你第一次上餐廳的經驗
I donot remember the first time I went to restaurant, but I do remember the first time I went without my parents. When I was at the elementary school, I went to McDonalds with my friend. I was so excited that we were just like the grown-ups sit there and talking like adults.

63. 如何紓解自己緊張的情緒及壓力?
I have several way to release my stress, I would call my friends and talking to them, most of them give me advises and comfort me which makes me feel better. Sometimes I would go swimming or doing aerobics or housewords at home to make myself sweated that makes me feel better too.

64. 平常在家喜歡做什麼家事?
In fact, I’m the one doing all the house works at home. and I like all of them, coz I can keep fit by doing house works instead of spending money in the fitness clubs. and it’s nice to see everything is shinning after I clean it.
65. 12個月份最喜歡哪一個?為什麼?
I like them all, because if there is a moth missing, other month would be different too. Besides every month has its weather, festival.

66. 妳問妳從小到大被父母處罰最嚴重的事是什麼

67. 你的出生地 .請介紹你的出生地
I was born in Taipei. It a beautiful city. The most unique thing about Taipei is its conveniences. I can get anything I need at anytime. Taipei is a sleepless city.

68. 請問您對未婚生子的看法
I don’t think it is bad to have children when someone is single. I think everyone
has their right to choose their way of life, but tey has to make sure that they would be able to offer a good environment for their kids.

70. 為何考長榮/華航
I would like to be a flight attendant and China Air line is the leading airway of Taiwan. So hope I would have chance to contribute to your company.

71. 請問您的星座是?
Libra, im out going and always energetic. I always see things from different angles which makes me very understanding.

72. 您在20歲生日時父母親送您什麼生日禮物?

73. 希望的另一半的條件
I think my husband should be a responsible and steady person with a caring heart to people. And of course, he has to have a steady job and enough salary to support our family.

74. 有無旅遊經驗?何處?
yes, I’ve been to several countries such as U.S., England, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and so on. I found it interesting to observe the differences among different countrie.

75. 您的宗教信仰?
No, I don’t.. I believe in myself. If I concentrate on what I do. I think I can get over most of the difficulties

76. 當你得知你可以參加複試時,在這段期間你都做些什麼?
I practice my English with my t friend who is taking this exam as well.

77. 如果今天有個外國朋友來...你會帶他去哪玩? &WHY...?

78. 你崇拜的對象是誰?為什麼?

79. 請問你對樂透的看法

80. 請問你平常喜歡看什麼電視頻道

81. 請問你"羅生門"是什麼意思

82. Do you like to travel
Yes, definitely. I’ve been to several countries, and I found it very interesting to observe the differences among different countries.

83. How did you prepare this interview
I collect some information given on the website and the book, then kept practicing.

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