Safety Demonstration

                                                               If necessary, use the mouth piece.
                                                               There are 12 emergency exits on this aircraft.
                                                               Please check at least two emergency exits  closest to you.
                                                               Thank you for your attention.
                                                               We hope you enjoy the flight.

                                                               Flight information

                                                               Ladies and gentlemen, we are now cruising at altitude of 33,000 feet which is 10,000 metres,
                                                               and we will commence descending shortly.
                                                               According to the weather report, it is fine partly  cloudy in (destination) and the temperature is
                                                               20 degrees Centigrade or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
                                                               At this stage, we will be landing at (destination)  in 15 minutes at 3:30 pm.
                                                               Thank you.
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